5 Home Linen Colours and Styles for Monsoons

5 Home Linen Colours and Styles for Monsoons

As you change your bedding from fall to summer, you will notice that it is challenging to find lightweight summer fabrics that will maintain a cozy environment in your home while keeping you cool. Luckily, we have plenty of home goods perfect for summer, ranging from sheets to curtains.

If you’re looking for some fresh, new summer bedding, look no further! Keep reading to discover our top five home linen products for summer.

For your inner child: Indian Printed Paradise 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

Nothing emulates spring and summer quite like a colorful pattern. With rainforest, bird, and pastel patterns, this bed sheet set is guaranteed to put you in a playful and summery mood by adding a statement to your bedroom. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton, the fine threads used for these sheets offer more breathability, which can help to keep you cool during the warmer months. These playful summer bed sheets are perfect for both kids and adults!

For a timeless look: White Bedding

To make your bedroom feel as crisp and clean as a hotel room, you can’t go wrong with white sheets. This 4-piece solid bed sheet set has a 600 thread count, so the fine cotton yarns add to the breathability and durability of the fabric. Like luxury hotel linens, these sheets feel ultra-soft and cool to the touch, a perfect summer staple in your home. If you want your sheets to make more of a statement, these summer bed linens also come in fun shades like sky blue, ivory, and blush.

For a touch of whimsy: Cross Diamond Ruffle Duvet Cover

With a diamond ruffle design, this duvet cover can add romanticism to any space. While this cover is naturally lightweight, due to the 100% Egyptian cotton and 600 thread count, you can use the duvet cover on its own as a quilt if you don’t want the heaviness of a comforter. In colors like light blue, blush, navy blue, and white, this duvet cover will add a pop of summer color and whimsy to your bedroom.

For a bit of texture: Waffle Weave Cotton Blanket

Throw blankets add depth, dimension, and texture to any space. However, you likely don’t want heavy materials throughout your home in the warmer months. This waffle weave blanket is made of lightweight cotton, making it a perfect throw for your bedroom or living room in the summertime. To add some color to your living space, order this summer blanket in dusty pink, mint, or blue. With beautiful colors and breathable material, this blanket makes summer home styling easy!

To help with temperature control: Energy Efficient Semi-Blackout Curtains

As the weather gets warmer, your air conditioner works harder to keep your house cool. You can help save energy (and money on your electricity bill!) by investing in some energy-saving blackout curtains. Not only do these curtains help keep the cool air in, but they are also noise blocking and semi-blackout, helping you to sleep better while staying cool. With various colors, like white, bottle green, aqua blue, and peach, these curtains can add some vibrant shades to your home’s summer color palette.